About us


The Will Professionals was founded by Liz Mitchell, a lawyer with over 25 years legal experience.  Liz considers that everyone should have a current Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Guardianship.

Liz believes that many people do not have a current Will because of the assumed exorbitant costs, inconvenience and delusion that death is far away.   So The Will Professionals was established with the aim of making it convenient and cost effective for you to get your succession planning affairs in order. We have established relationships with professionals to assist you with drafting your estate planning documents. 

​You say who will manage and get your wealth when you die.  Getting your affairs in order will help lessen the impact of your death on your loved ones.  So give the gift of love by making sure you have a valid Will now.


Helen Honnor
Co-founder; Senior Consultant

Helen is the co-founder, and is an experienced consultant for The Will Professionals. She is passionate about assisting people with their Succession planning. She understands how uncomfortable people can feel when discussing their succession planning, and ensures that people are made to feel relaxed and calm through the entire process.


In managing the process of you obtaining a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Guardianship or other estate planning documents, The Will Professionals will assist you with your engagement of a qualified legal services provider. The Will Professionals refers its customers to Zafra Legal, a Perth based law firm that you may engage to provide you with comprehensive support in liaising with its estate planning lawyer, Liz Mitchell (Senior Associate). As a co-founder of The Will Professionals, Liz continues to work closely with us and operates seamlessly with our team. Please refer to our FAQ page to find out more about The Will Professionals relationship with Zafra Legal.

Liz Mitchell
Legal Consultant

Liz now focuses on estate planning. This means she offers focused proficiency when advising on estate planning. Liz is always open to talk to a client anytime. She understands the sensitivity of what she does and the emotional issues a client may have when making a Will. It is this human element that is a point of difference in her approach to the service she provides.