Who are The Will Professionals?

We are consultants that will assist you with managing your estate planning requirements.

Who is Zafra Legal? What is its relationship with TWP?

Please Click Here to learn more about Zafra Legal (ZL). 

TWP receives commercial fees under contract from ZL for the provision of data collection and referral management services, on arm's length terms. 

Liz Mitchell, as an employee of ZL, remains a director and shareholder of TWP.

All services provided by Liz Mitchell arising out of any engagement of TWP will be in her capacity as an employee of ZL, following its appointment.

I live outside the Perth metropolitan area can I still use the services?

Yes, you can. We cover all of Western Australia. How? Because we utilise technology – this enables us to provide our services to all of Western Australia.

Do I need to make a trip into the office?

No! Here is why?

  • The TWP consultants (not lawyers but fully trained people to take your initial information) will come to see you (if you live within the Perth metropolitan area) at a location of your choice and after usual business hours even on a Saturday morning!  
  • Alternatively, our team can take your initial information via electronic media i.e. facetime, skype, web conference.

Of course, you are welcome to come to the office if you wish.

Are the services offered outside business hours?

YES, There, is no need for you to take time off work or from your busy schedule.  A consultant offers flexibility in their hours/days to enable you to meet with them before, after work, or Saturday.  A consultant offers more flexibility in their hours just let them know your needs. 

I am not sure what I need to do to get my Will done?

You are not alone; We can help you through the process and guide you. The main thing is to start the process. 

Why should I use The Will Professionals services there are lots of other Will providers?

Because The Will Professionals make it as convenient and easy as possible for you to make a Will.  We believe every adult should have a valid up to date Will and this belief is reflected in the quality and flexibility of the services offered. 

How much will it cost me?

We let you know the costs before you go ahead. The fees are fixed (no hidden costs or hourly rate) and depend on what documents you decide to get. Download our Information Pack or visit services page as it outlines the fixed fees and what the fixed fee covers. 

Why shouldn’t I prepare my own Will I can use a Will Kit or fill in an online form?

The quote a “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” applies here. Not knowing what things, you should or need to consider when making a Will may lead to problems. That is your Will may not correctly reflect your wishes; be invalid: or address matters you needed to. Making a Will is more than just filling in a form. Why take the risk when you can use The Will Professionals to assist and guide you?

Do I need to make a Will as if I die, I believe everything automatically goes to my partner anyway?

If you die without a Will, you are intestate, and each Australian state has its own formula for how assets are distributed from your estate regardless of what you wanted. In Western Australia if you die without a Will all your estate will not automatically pass to a surviving partner. Who gets your assets and how much will depend on your individual circumstances.  

Do I need a will as I don’t own enough ?

Your estate is probably worth more than you think. If you have any personal possessions insurance or superannuation, then this may be paid to your estate and distributed. And even if you don’t have a lot of money or many assets, you should still make a Will. 

Why do I need a Will I won’t be around, so I don’t need to think about it?

Well, yes, but someone has to think about it. If you take a small amount of time to make a Will, you are not only saving your next of kin some unnecessary uncertainty and stress, but also the potentially increased legal costs of finalising your estate after you’re gone. 

I already have a Will, do I need to update it?

There are many life events that can affect your Will. You should review your Will at minimum every 5 years, or update it any time when you experience life changes (including but not limited to) when these events happen to you:

  • Start a de facto relationship
  • Get married
  • Get divorced
  • Start or end a registered relationship including a civil union
  • Have a baby
  • Have a loved one pass away such as a spouse, partner, or beneficiary
  • In Western Australia marriage and divorce will void your Will unless made in     contemplation is such an event.