Enduring power of guardianship

What is an Enduring Guardian?
An enduring guardian is a substitute decision-maker of your choice with legal authority to make health and lifestyle decisions on your behalf if needed, such as where you may live, the services you need, what health care you receive, or consenting to medical and dental treatment.

[You can limit the types of decisions your enduring guardian can make. For example, you can authorise them to make treatment decisions but not decisions about where you live.]

Why appoint an Enduring Guardian?
An EPG can give you an element of control over your future. It can ensure that if you become incapable of making these decisions for yourself your views and wishes are known (you should discuss your wishes with your enduring guardian) and may be respected by your enduring guardian.

When can your Enduring Guardian start making decisions?
The appointment of your enduring guardian takes effect only if you lose the capacity to make your own health or lifestyle decisions.

The enduring guardian’s power only comes into effect and remains while you lack capacity to make such decisions.

Who can you choose to be your Enduring Guardian?
The person you appoint must be 18 years or older. Given the important nature of this decision-making role, it is essential the person you appoint understands their responsibilities. Your guardian should be someone you trust to be able to take into account your views and previous lifestyle choices and to make decisions in your best interest.

You can and should appoint more than one enduring guardian. For example if you are in a relationship you may want to appoint your partner with an alternative guardian if something happened to him or her.

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