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Why Use the Will Professionals?

The Will Professionals is a consultancy service whose sole purpose is to assist you in arranging a professionally written Will that will see your wishes carried out your way, in the event of your death.

We make it easy by coming to you, or arranging a face to face using digital technology if distance is an issue for free.

Estate planning is all we do, so we offer focused management of your estate planning outcomes to help you obtain the appropriate advice.

Through our offering, we will arrange fixed fee services for you so that you have certainty over pricing. If you have a Will but aren't sure that it still fits your requirements, we can assist you to arrange a Will Review Service.




Our Packages

For your convenience, and cost effectiveness, we have designed packages, which consist of a mix of:

  • The form of Will you choose i.e. Standard, Premium or Platinum Trust Will; and/or
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA); and/or (find out more)
  • Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG).(find out more)

A couple’s package includes 2 of each relevant document. 

Our package costs are as follows: 

Document Type - Single

Price (inc GST)
Standard Will $280.00
Premium Will $520.00
Platinum Trust Will $980.00
EPA $130.00
EPG $150.00
Advanced Health Directive $235.00

Document Type - Couples

Price (inc GST)
Standard Will $460.00
Premium Will $890.00
Platinum Trust Will $1,610.00

Packages - Single

Price (inc GST)
Standard Will & EPA or EPG $380.00
Premium Will & EPA or EPG $620.00
Platinum Trust Will & EPA or EPG $1080.00
Standard Will & EPA & EPG  $490.00
Preminum Will & EPA & EPG  $720.00
Platinum Trust Will & EPA & EPG  $1,180.00

Packages - Couples

Price (inc GST)
Standard Will & EPA or EPG Couple $610.00
Premium Will & EPA or EPG Couple $1090.00
Platinum Trust Will & EPA or EPG Couple $1,860.00
Standard Will & EPA & EPG Couple $840.00
Preminum Will & EPA & EPG Couple $1,250.00
Platinum Trust Will & EPA & EPG Couple $1,950.00



Your Fees will be Fixed

For the services we will provide and arrange on your behalf, you will receive the following:

  • we will obrain your initial data information;
  • managing your appointment of a legal service provider to prepare draft documents;
  • sending the documents to you for review and approval;
  • assist you to arrange discussions, correspondence and meetings with your lawyer about the documents;
  • any amendments to the documents you require before signing;
  • any minor amendments required by you to the documents within 30 days of your signing them, or us sending them to you for signing.  In this case the amended documents will be sent to you for signing.

Our fixed fees are payable immediately when you engage our services.

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Why should I make a Will?

Making a will will help to ensure that the needs of those you care for (i.e. your family, friends, charities or even your pet) are met in accordance with your wishes, when you die.
Your Will can be designed to include a variety of requests including (but not limited to):

  • the distribution of your wealth and assets to your family members or someone you elect.
  • the provision for children or adults with special needs or disabilities
  • the guardianship of your minor children
  • meeting your charitable objectives
  • the care for your beloved pets.

In short, your Will gives you control over who gets your wealth and assets when you die.

What happens if I die without a Will?

In Western Australia if you die without a Will (or without a valid Will)  the Court will appoint an Administrator and your assets and wealth will be distributed in accordance with a strict set of legal rules (under the Administration Act 1903). The major disadvantages of dying without a Will are that:

  • the law sets out how your wealth and assets will be divided, NOT you.
  • it may be more costly to finalise your estate as there are more formalities and paper work, resulting in lesser amounts being dsitributed to those you care about.
  • you do not get to choose who will manage your estate (whereas under a Will you appoint an executor(s) to do this). [’estate’ means all your real and personal assets.]

Is it solely up to me whom I leave everything to in my Will?

A person generally has the right to determine who benefits under his or her Will. However, in Western Australia the following persons (eligible claimant) may be entitled to claim under the Family Provision Act 1972 (WA) for provision or greater provision out of a person's estate. This can sometimes result in legal challenges that can wither away the value of your estate.


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*The Will Professionals are unable to provide you with legal advice or legal services.  The Will Professionals will, where engaged by you, help you manage the engagement of your lawyer.